Adore Beauty’s (ASX:ABY) September quarter continues to glam up

Covid-19 lockdowns saw online beauty retailer Adore Beauty’s (ASX:ABY) attract 24 per cent more customers, as the shift to online shopping helped boost the pureplay beauty retailer’s results for the September quarter.

The beauty product marketplace hit $63.8 million in revenue, a 25 per cent surge and active customers grew to 874,000 compared to the prior corresponding quarter.

The combination of new and returning customers provided a strong foundation for the company’s growth with returning customers adding more value each time they spend on the platform each year.

Adore Beauty CEO Tennealle O’Shannessy said “Adore Beauty has continued to deliver strong growth in sales revenue, active customers and returning customer numbers during the quarter. Over the last 12 months our loyal returning customers grew 63 per cent, providing a strong foundation for future growth. Our returning customers become more valuable each year they spend on the platform, increasing both their basket size and order frequency over time”.

The company also launched its loyalty program which also grew with the help of their mobile app, range expansion, and their podcast. During the quarter, their podcast channel surpassed three million downloads, they also launched the Bite-Sized Beauty podcast, and they celebrated attendance levels at their virtual loyalty events.

Looking ahead, Adore Beauty has slated their first private label to be launched in the third quarter of this financial year.

Shares in Adore Beauty (ASX:ABY) are trading 1.8 per cent higher at 5.02.

Image from Adore Beauty.