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Chariot Corporation expands Black Mountain Project

Chariot Corporation (ASX:CC9) has significantly increased the footprint of its Black Mountain project through the acquisition of 218 contiguous claims, representing a 206% increase in project tenure area. This expansion, totaling 2,686 hectares, was achieved through staking and filing with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The newly acquired claims, known as BMX Claims, serve as a strategic buffer and cover potential extensions to pegmatite dike swarms under shallow cover at Black Mountain.

Furthermore, Chariot has augmented its ownership stake in Wyoming Lithium Pty Ltd (WLPL) from 91.9% to 93.9% via a share subscription. This move, aimed at reimbursing Chariot for exploration expenses incurred at the Wyoming Lithium Projects, reinforces the company’s commitment to developing lithium resources in Wyoming.

Chariot’s Wyoming Lithium Portfolio comprises seven hard rock lithium projects located in Natrona and Fremont counties. The state’s favorable regulatory environment and established mining infrastructure position it as an attractive destination for mineral exploration and development. Additionally, Wyoming’s sparse population, well-maintained infrastructure, and access to essential resources such as water rights and natural gas pipelines further enhance the feasibility of Chariot’s operations in the region.

With Wyoming’s status as a tier 1 mining jurisdiction and its supportive government policies, Chariot anticipates leveraging local resources and expertise to drive exploration and mine development activities. The state’s robust economy, driven by sectors like oil and gas, offers potential synergies for Chariot’s operations, facilitating seamless integration and operational efficiency.

Image from: https://www.chariotcorporation.com/projects/wyoming-lithium-projects/mid-west-usa-project