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Mortgage interest: The key driver of consumer spending growth.

Consumer spending has been a trending topic of discussion lately, and it’s no surprise that mortgage interest has taken centre stage as the main contributor of increased living costs in a recent report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The data revealed that employed households experienced a significant 78.9%* increase in mortgage interest costs over the year. This was by far the largest contributor, followed by food and alcoholic beverages, and housing expenses at 7.9%.

This surge in mortgage interest can be attributed to increases in home loan interest rates and has directly affected homeowners’ disposable income and subsequently altered their consumer spending habits.

The data aligns with the cash rate rises implemented by the RBA over the past year, which has had a direct impact on homeowners and prospective property buyers, influencing the broader economy as a result. The RBA paused the cash rate hikes in April which provided temporary relief to homeowners and potential buyers, allowing more time to assess the impact of previous increases and evaluate the overall economic outlook. However, with the rate increase resuming in May, it is crucial to revisit the impact of mortgage rates on your household expenditure and adjust your financial plans accordingly.

Individuals who are coming off fixed rates will be particularly affected, with many facing a rate that is 3% higher than what they were on, resulting in skyrocketing repayments.

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Source: ABS, Employee households All groups, annual movement (%), ordered by largest contributors to the All groups


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