Retail giant Target teams up with Sezzle (ASX:SZL)

Wall St-listed Target tapped Sezzle (ASX:SZL) on the shoulder to partner with the retail giant to provide shoppers in the U.S the ability to buy-now and pay-later with Nasdaq-listed rival Affirm.

Target’s president of financial and retail services, Gemma Kubat said that “with the help of two new partners — Sezzle and Affirm — we’ve added new payment solutions that let you buy what you need now, take advantage of our best deals, and pay at a pace that works well for you.”

“We know our guests want easy and affordable payment options that work within their family’s budget. Through our partnerships with Affirm and Sezzle, Target is investing in new financial tools that make our shopping experiences more flexible and personalized to guests’ needs, right in time for the holiday season.”

Shares in Sezzle (ASX:SZL) are trading 11.8 per cent higher at $0.58.