Sydney Airport’s (ASX:SYD) Aug passengers plummet by travel ban

Sydney Airport (ASX:SYD) faced another challenging month in August after continued border restrictions and stay-at-home-orders in NSW.

The nations largest airline took 51,000 passengers under their wing in August, down 98.6 per cent from 2019.

Domestic passengers reached 25,000, down 98.9 per cent from 2019. 26,000 international passengers passed through, down 98.1 per cent from 2019.

The airport has been under pressure since the pandemic began, while the easing of travel restrictions are on the horizon as NSW passed the 50 per cent mark in Covid-19 vaccination rates.  

Shares in Sydney Airport (ASX:SYD) are trading 1.1 per cent at $8.21.

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