Lending Association

Car, Truck and Equipment Finance

Car, Truck and Equipment Finance

Lending Association’s expert commercial team can tailor financing solutions that will help your business achieve a new level of success.

Medical Equipment

Across all medical professions, it’s vital to have state-of-the-art equipment. Lending Association can arrange financing for lease or purchase of medical equipment that will keep you up-to-date.

Transport & Logistics

To keep you on the road, Lending Association can structure financing for private or business vehicles, and all your fleet acquisitions.

Heavy Engineering & Industrials

When it comes to acquiring big ticket items, you need a trusted partner in your corner. Lending Association’s highly-awarded team can structure outstanding finance deals on everything from yellow goods (cranes, excavators etc.) and production plants; to fuel distribution systems and assembly lines.

Telecommunications & IT

Businesses increasingly rely on technology to succeed. Our team of experts can structure cost-effective finance for all your tech needs, including; software licensing, hardware purchases, security, internet and phone systems.

Agriculture Equipment

Lending Association can source the best financing for your agriculture equipment needs. From new machinery, to green-housing and irrigation, we’ll help you grow!

Business Leasing

If you’re moving, upgrading or opening new business premises, talk to Lending Association about getting the best financing deal to fit-out your new space.

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