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Why your credit score matters and how to improve it

When you're about to make a major financial decision, such as buying a new car or a house, securing a loan is often necessary. That's where your credit score comes…

Medical indemnity insurance: What it is, the benefits and what it covers.

Healthcare professionals, including doctors, surgeons, and nurses, dedicate their lives to healing and caring for patients. However, in the complex world of healthcare, errors or claims can pose a significant…

Spring Selling season: What lies ahead.

The spring selling season is well underway, and it’s shaping up to be a season like no other. As we near the end of the month, the real estate market…

Stay safe, stay informed, and be prepared.

At LA Insurance, we understand that facing an expected bushfire season can be daunting for both businesses and residents across Australia. With experts predicting this season to be one of…

Overcoming cash flow challenges.

Borrowers have been feeling the pinch as interest rates continue to rise. While these increases may impact your monthly mortgage repayments, it is crucial to take proactive steps to avoid…

Protect your most valuable asset with Home and Contents Insurance

The home you work so hard for and the memories shared with your loved ones should be protected. Home and contents insurance is a vital safeguard for both homeowners and…

To fix or not to fix? The pros and cons of fixing your rate.

Amidst the ongoing trend of continuous rate rises, the combination of low stock levels and low vacancy rates has left many homeowners and potential homebuyers with pressing questions. When will…

Essential business preparation tips for EOFY.

For many local businesses, the start of the new financial year also marks the start of a new insurance cycle. If your policies are coming up for renewal, now’s the…

Mortgage interest: The key driver of consumer spending growth.

Consumer spending has been a trending topic of discussion lately, and it’s no surprise that mortgage interest has taken centre stage as the main contributor of increased living costs in…

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